Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Women's Day

Let me educate you as to why we are to celebrate women's day. For those that do not understand the origin and significance of this day.

The day is celebrated on the 8th of March, and its origin dates back to the 1800’s. On the 28th of February 1908, women took to the streets of New York city demanding shorter hours, better pay, and the right to vote. The demonstration had a whopping 15,000 women stand together in solidarity to fight women rights. The following year, on the 28th of February another March was held in New York City yet again. Women all over the world held marches of their own on different days in February and March. It was then decided in 1913, that the International Women’s day shall be celebrated on the 8th of March.

It is a day designed to celebrate the women that have paved the path way to where we are today in terms of women’s right. It celebrates the voices of victory that won a woman a right to the work place, the fighters who fought for equal pay and the ones that continue to speak up against the injustices women face today. It is about ensuring that the power a woman possess is not seen as domineering, but a quality that is to be praised. In doing so, a woman is not afraid to reach the full magnitude of her potential, as the shackles are broken.

It is a day designed to bring about hope in the hopeless around the word, ignite a spirit of unity and fight for the protection of the standing women rights.

“Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race” – Mary McLeod Bethune

Photo: International Women's Day, 12 March 1977.  Photograph by David Bartho—Sydney Morning Herald via Getty Images

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Sometimes, not doing is the real peace
Choosing to stay silent
Remain Calm
And watch as he tries to walk all over you

Sometimes, opting to claim your peace
Doesn't make you selfish
Doesn't make you heartless
And doesn't make you lonely

Sometimes, your peace is more important
Than an argument that will carry storms
An argument that causes more pain than solution
An argument designed to start your day off on a bad note

Sometimes, realizing your peace
Is in your silence
In your comfort
In your safe place

Because peace cannot be given to you, it is yours to take. Because when it is written "Peace, be still", what it means to stay is be still and find peace. Go deep within yourself and lay your warm heart with a layer of protection. Ensure your heart isn't reached by every mishap, or issue. Your heart is sacred, and can only be broken by those you allow close enough to touch it.

Be careful who you let close.

Sunday, 5 February 2017


What if I told you that growing up is one big fat lie. You do not automatically gain wisdom. You do not learn to make better decisions based solely on the fact that your age has surpassed twenty-one. Actually, quiet the very opposite.. your reasoning goes to the dogs.

When you thought you are running towards the red and white tape which promised the end of the beginning. That indeed, you do get to get to a place where you can now choose you. Freely and independently. 

I always pictured a beautiful sunny day, warm in a fur blanket, reading a book with a warm cup of coco in my apartment. The apartment shall be furnished in nothing but white and yellow. I pictured a picture perfect apartment with a view that would make your heart stop. Now, I wasn't wrong about everything. The only thing I was right about was the end of the beginning, everything else I got completely wrong. 

There was no independence. 
There was no apartment.
There was no beautiful view.
Heck, there was no cup of coco. 

No, reaching the age where you finish your varsity only promised the following.

1. You are removed of your mothers medical aid, because you are no longer a student and are considered grown enough to afford your own medical aid. 
2. You get a start-up job, which you will have to slave to attain. As employers want you to have experience and are unwilling to hire those without experience. Ironic, isn't it?
3. You will live in your parents house, young enough to be told what to do and what time to be home, but old enough to take care of your financial needs. 
4. You will experience life at it's epitome, all the stress and problems go with it.
5. You will learn to get a basic salary, after 4 years in varsity and your salary will have nothing to show for it. Why? Because you have to wait four months to attain an A4 paper that shows you are a graduate, until then.. BASIC SALARY. 
6. My absolute favorite, you will long to go back to school; and reset the clock to when you could simply call mummy and ask her for money. 

See, growing up is not all bad. trust me, even as I am typing this I am thinking, ''THIS IS A LIE".

However, honestly it is not all bad, because you get to carve out your life. you get to make life decisions that will effect your life for the rest of your life. Now, calm down. it is not all that bad, because after all this is why you spent, three years in kindergarten, seven years in primary school, 5 years in high school and an additional four years in varsity. Mind you, that's if you did not fail any subject while you were at it. That is what? 19 years of your 23 year life, in school. 

Yet, they failed to prepare you for that kick in the butt you get when you are forced to land on your feet when you are no longer in the comfort of education. When it is all you have known for 19 years of your life. They are like, okay cupcake.. Off you go. With not so much as a life manual. Not so much as an instruction book, stipulating what to do in step 1. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Just you, your education and you. That is all.

Alright, so as I embark on this life journey. Kindly keep reading my blog, because it promises to be bumpy, and one hell of a ride.

Not only am I terrified, I am down-right getting anxiety attacks on a daily. However, many have done it before me, I will not be the first, nor the last and I promise to pick myself up at every fall. 

Yours in growth, 


Monday, 26 September 2016

Recognizing when it is okay to let yourself live

Without the confinement of the walls that have been built by society and what they deem to be normal and acceptable.

Being able to choose you. Selfishly choosing your happiness above that of anyone who threatens your peace of mind and your joy.

Going after the joys of your heart and stopping at nothing to ensure that you come from a place of existing and genuinely living.

Taking of the shackles society places on you and choosing your journey in accordance to what you want and not what seems fitting.

We hear every day about how "life is a journey" but does one really understand the depths of that statement.

It teaches you that you will fall. Get up.
You will get it wrong. Try again.
You will mess up. Fix it.

That leap of faith that allows you to allow a boy into your life when you thought love would never find you.

That leap of faith that has you sending in your proposal for the up-tenth time because you hope and dream they will finally hear your plea.

That leap of faith that has u trying out the lasagne dish yet again after failing miserably the first time and almost burning the house down.

I mean genuinely getting up and living a purpose filled life. Being okay with where you are, striving to be better and saying MY PACE.

Walking the life journey at your pace. Not looking next to you and what the next person is doing. But pacing yourself in accordance to YOU.

Sometimes it's okay to dance event though there’s no music playing and everything looks a mess.

It simply means you will appreciate the good when it comes around. It may just come dressed in a lazy smile and he may be called... 

Recognizing where you are not wanted and letting go.

The body has an internalized monitor
that beeps and goes off when it is in a space it is not wanted.
The natural instinct
is to make excuse after excuse as to why,
this person surely must want you because they have done A,B,C
If anything, it is the ego that is protecting itself from rejection.

It is easier to hold onto someone who doesn't want you than to let go
It has little to do with being faithful but more to do with self-value
More being able to understand
that you deserve better
and deserve clean pure cut love
That does not come with confusion and feeling wanted
When you value yourself
and will not go seeking affection
in a person who clearly wants to give it on their terms.
You know your worth

It's so easy to get caught in a cycle
of "getting little".
being okay with the little you get from this person.
Convincing yourself it okay

It is not okay. I
t is not okay to feel unwanted.
It is not okay to convince yourself it will get better.
You deserve better.

That through thick and thin love
comes with wedding vows.
Not a situationship
and not a confused boyfriend
who doesn’t know what they want
We have been programmed
to believe love is all enduring.
Yes it is,
with a husband
and a man who will love you RIGHT.
Not a boy whose confused

Get up and GO!
I mean get up and go in search of your true husband!

Enough with the
"He didn't talk to me all of yesterday becz he was drinking"
"He speaks down on me when he is upset"
"He is just confused"

God is not the author of confusion.
He will not give you a confused partner,
nor one that will make you feel less than what you are!
We need to quit playing these games!
Quit accepting less than what we KNOW we deserve.
Quit making excuses and start living purpose!
It is hard to kick a bad habit.
If that boy/girl is a bad habit,
kick the habit!
Tear stained face and all, walk!!

You will be okay!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My heart on a sleeve

"I am able to get everything else in my life right - wok and school, but the one area in my life I cannot seem to master is relationships." 

I am the one person who can juggle literally the most, but the moment my love life is falling apart, it's as though I am crippled. I have discovered my area of weakness, and really this is not news. I am not surprised at the fact that I am actually horrendous at mastering that area of my life. I used to think that victory was getting ahead in life, attaining success and being able to commit my life to Christ. Only, what I never factored into the equation that I need to work on who is inside. The Mavis that the world sees is polished, and well most of it is truth. However, no one knows what is going on, on the inside. The places people don't see and I can't put a filter over. 

My heart. You know, the most detrimental thing I have done to myself is having believed that I can plan out my life and have it work out that way. That I can simply paint a picture of life, and everything else shall ensure it aligns itself with that picture. I believed that I would be in a long term, high school love relationship. That heart break and the ugly smears of the world are but a myth to my life. That I wouldn't have to live through lifes cruelty, well at least not in my love life. I believed that I would go through life with one prince, and be able to walk down the isle having known only one man romantically. I was wrong. Not just wrong, I mean WRONG! In every sense of the world. 

I did not know that I would live to loose the love of my life. The one man who was willing to give me the world. That loved me more then words can comprehend. Who was willing to give me the world and place it at my feet. Who was willing to be the stepping stone I needed to acquire greatness. Who saw the diamond in me when the world saw rocks. He was my first love, and I ruined what looked too perfect. I was curious about the world, and if anything thought that he was ruining life for me. That I was to live an exhilarating life. That being madly in-love was robbing me of who I could be. My mother warned me that I was making a mistake by leaving him, and I did not listen. I walked away from the one thing in my life I live to regret. A man who loved me more than the word itself. The consolation is that if he was meant to be, he would be. I can't help but believe that he deserves better though. That he deserved someone who looked at him the way he looked at me. Deserves someone whose eyes didn't wonder and need to imagine life without him. That he needed someone who never wanted a life without him. If there is one person I wish the best and lifes happiness it would be him. He never broke my heart, I did that myself. He taught me a lot about myself, he constantly held the mirror up at me and wanted me to see the true me. He knew before me that I kept running from myself. From the restless girl in me who wanted to experiment with things that would inevitably burn my fingers. he was right about many things, the one thing he was wrong about is that I would find my way sooner rather than later. I didn't know that it would be too late. Him, I hold as a cherished memory. One I can hold close to my heart and say that I was loved. 

Soon after that I found someone who taught me vulnerability and innocent love. The kind that smothers you with more attention then you know what to do with. 

But see, the person that crossed my path that ripped me apart came in the form of a man of God. He was dressed in white, but reflected anything but light. He is the kind of man your father warns you against and the kind of man mothers never wish to have their daughters cross. He was the kind of man you do not wish upon your worst enemy. He was cunning and could paint pictures of perfection. Matter of fact he would paint pictures of sheer perfection only to turn around and tell you its all a game for him and that's how he catches his prey. He will down right talk marriage with you when he couldn't so much as fathom a life with you. He will sit and caress your hair whilst thinking about how he will marry another woman. I used to believe that these things only happen in movies, and I sure as hell never thought it would be my story to tell. I never thought that I would wake up to a picture of the man who was promising me the world, clutching the hand of his bride. I never thought that bride would be someone else, the very person he promised was nothing to worry about. 

I am numb of feeling. I am not hurt, because I have long since let him go. I simply feel betrayed. You know when you sit and stare into nothing, because you are dazed at how anyone can be so cruel. When people go ahead and choose their happiness, never so much as stopping for a minute to consider you or your feelings, you need to retract. While you may be sitting writing blog posts about people who have long since closed your chapter, you need to try understand how you got confused in the chapter reading. This story is mine to tell. Of a time I believed that humanity existed and was shown that in fact its just humans that exist. I was always told I have a fairy tale outlook on life and I am damn naive to think people do not intentionally hurt others. Truth is, there are many things I seem to have gotten wrong about life. This is not one of those stories where I eventually become a savage who wants to hurt other people, no. This is a story about a girl who once wore her heart on a sleeve and now has packed a suit case and locked it. 

and threw the key away. 

There is nothing left to give. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

I wish you the best

Today, I discovered life. That it can come at you in a mirage of images. 
Where you are unable to grasp what it could possibly mean, 
that one moment you can be painting vivid dreams with someone
Have them carve out a future of possibilities, 
painting the smiles of the children you are to bear
The kitchen you are to design and
the home you are to build. 

Making the promises of a future which seem within your grasp, 
he came like a wind willing to whisper away all the trails of the past
only he would become the hurt you wish to erase
You would wish his name was written in the sand of the beach
so that the next high tide could erase it
The sand is my heart
the waters my past
and like the waves that promise to never cross the shore line
he promised to never hurt me
only, he didn't know that promises are not meant to be broken.

Instead he found himself making promises to the next women to cross his path
a narrow four months saw him walking down the isle of a court
to sign papers that promised her the forever he promised me
I am not so much hurt as I am disappointed
In the fact that humanity no longer exist
that one can not be bothered how many hearts you leave bleeding 
on the way to acquire your ever after

I know they say never to expect anything from life
else you will find yourself drowning in disappointment
but I would rather drown in broken promises then live a life full of black
forgetting that there is the white which is the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I write this to wis the man who never was mine to have a happy marriage
That he will find the happiness he promised me with her
not because I want to be the bigger person
but because I thank God I never lived to make infinity signs with a temporary person
That although it did hurt, I live to tell the story
of a lost love that was never mine to have
That he walked away before he could tear my heart to pieces.

I wish you the best of happiness. 
I wish you the best of marriage.